VP, Revenue Operations
A true Global Warrior having worked and lived on 3 continents. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, spent his 20's in London UK, moved to the USA in his 30's and now (seemingly) settled in Boston. I am currently VP Revenue Operations at Monotype and over the last 25 years have been part of 4 SaaS exits. I was definitely doing revenue operations before it became a hot title, aligning Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Finance teams, from early stage startups like Catelas, high growth IPO’s like Mimecast, an industry giants like Nokia, in the days when their mobile phones ruled the world, and now with Monotype that was acquired by a PE firm. I firmly believe the next frontier of Business Operations is bringing People and Product into the RevOps fold. The debate is not when, but how. People alignment, especially in recession-type business conditions, is critical. And aligning the whole company, not just the go-to-market, is in my opinion, the next assignment for RevOps leaders.

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